We're All About
Remarkable UI/UX Design

dedicated to connecting your brand with consumers who matter most through innovative technology, spot-on strategy & can-do attitudes for incredible results.

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We're All About
Remarkable UI/UX Design

dedicated to connecting your brand with consumers who matter most through innovative technology, spot-on strategy & can-do attitudes for incredible results.

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Hello From Bix

We love what we do and relish the challenge that comes with applying our skills, expertise & experience to your company’s unique goals. We take interactive design, strategic planning & measurable results seriously- while still having fun nailing it!


Our Services

To drive business in ways you never thought possible, you need clean, intuitive UX/UI solutions that also look amazing. Luckily, that’s just what we deliver.

User Experience Design

Together, we’ll discover ways to sing your praises throughout the digital landscape through research-driven persona, information architecture, wireframing and prototyping.

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Digital Marketing

Here's where all the fancy elements come to play. We know tha website traffic lies in its online visibility, which is why we offer SEO, PPC and Social Media marketing to help generate business leads.

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Front End Development

We take great pride in our coding abilities. From design to elegant HTML/CSS, we hold hold ourselves to the highest standards so the site performs like a dream.

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Digital Consulting

As consultants, we become an extension of your team, working the way you do while offering new perspectives, tech-savvy expertise and proven strategies.

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  • Paul is probably one of the most intelligent people I know. He brings many different backgrounds and skills to the table; his entrepreneurial spirit and independence allows us the freedom to reinvent ourselves and evolve as the world changes. He collaborates with great reasoning and logic and provides many resources at my fingertips. You will enjoy his engaging training in digital strategy and business development.

    Denny Coffman -

  • Paul's Nate expertise in Digital strategy and Business Development is unmatched. He was able to develop a comprehensive solution for our organization that led to an immediate increase sales and efficiency of our business operations. We saw a HUGE return on investment. Paul is a dedicated, goal oriented, reliable and energetic professional. I have no hesitation recommending him.

    Robert Andrew -

  • I first met Paul three years ago. He is a true expert in Digital Strategy, with a strong work ethic and a can-do attitude. We hired him for several projects, as a consultant, and he helps us with many critical aspects related to Web strategy, website development, rich-media and social media integration. His contributions have been very valuable to us and to our clients.

    Benoit Duverneuil -

We ♡ small businesses!

Bigger is Not Necessarily Better in Business

That’s why we’ve set up three great packages to help you create an online presence.

To Qualify ➟


We’ve got a talent for exceeding expectations every step of the way.

This is the Bix way.

  • 1

    Fight for the humans

    Our job is to champion humanity in all areas of our work, whether we’re trying to figure out how to deal with a co-worker or making a design decision for a client that affects their customers. People come first in everything we do.

  • 2

    Solve the bigger problem

    The challenges people bring us are often symptoms of underlying issues. Instead of solving the “what,” we try to figure out the “why.” Then, we dig deeper to uncover the real causes and resolve the bigger issue.

  • 3

    Say what you see

    The answer to “Should I say something about this?” is yes. We just start talking and see what happens. It’s awkward. It’s scary. But it’s what we do, and it always works out for the best.

  • 4

    Invest in the future

    We prefer decisions that make sense over a long period of time, even when they hurt in the short term. We’re willing to endure discomfort or inconvenience now if it means better results in the future.

  • 5

    Assume the best

    We assume our clients, contractors, fellow Forties, and others are doing their best, so we give them room to fail or fall short. It’s okay to express frustrations, but we avoid negativity, learn from mistakes, and move on with a positive attitude.

  • 6

    Work with what you’ve got

    Instead of being annoyed with projects that don’t line up perfectly, we embrace our constraints, jump in, and make the best of them. We could blame the situation, but we’d rather save our mental energy for improving it.

  • 7

    Take the high road

    We do what’s right, and we accept the consequences. There’s no room here for lying, cheating, stealing, or compromising our team’s or your company’s values. We’d rather fail with character than succeed with shame.

  • 8

    Stay flexible

    As companies grow, they tend to get bogged down with infrastructure and policies. We resist that tendence by sticking with lightweight, nimble practices that allow our company to change course quickly.

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Actually, we all become richer in so many ways.

That’s why we donate 10% of every project to causes we believe in.

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Our Team

When you meet the team at Bix Agency,

the first thing you’ll notice is how much we love what we do. And while we’re proud of our combined talents and technical skills, we hope they are equally matched by our ability to connect with our clients to achieve a common goal.

Paul Nate

Paul Nate

Founder & Digital Strategist

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Silviu Sotelecan

UX/UI Designer



Front-End Developer



Linux Administrator/ Developer

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