Notary Café

The Request

Notary Cafe has been in business for 10 years and their site has not been upgraded since the first version was released. They hired multiple companies in attempt to redesign their current site, but were unsuccessful because it didn’t benefit their agents. When Notary Cafe reached out to our team, their request was to design an up-to-date, elegant user friendly interface to benefit both, the company and the agents.

The Challenge

The challenge we faced with Notary Cafe was working with an old system, outdated site and lots of data. This caused the existing presence online to give a negative vibe to their agents that they were going out of business. So, our team worked with Notary Cafe on managing their reputation so that their users could entrust them again. We took every move into consideration to design a new fresh look with a user centric design that would resolve the issues.

The Solution

Bix team took on the challenge by first researching their market and asking their current users what they like and what they didn’t like about functionality and usability of the current site. After putting together a report, we went back to Notary Cafe and presented what we found. They were astonished by the results that we gathered. Based on the information, we put together user experience then user interface that resulted in an up-to-date elegant design and RIO.

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