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Effective Web Solutions specializes in marketing and SEO for small businesses. To reflect what they offer their clients, we started from the beginning and designed a new brand identity, website and marketing material. The responsiveness and transparency of the site assured customers the legitimacy of the company. This resulted in business expansion and an overall increase of service.

The Request

Effective Web Solutions came to Bix Agency after they were in business for 2 years asking if we can work together to rebrand and provide a stronger voice for their company. Their existing brand spoke to users on a very broad level and was not approachable to an average company.

The Challenge

Before Bix, EWS tried rebranding twice so it was a challenge to see if we would cause more frustration and distrust amongst existing and potential clientele. Our team put in a lot of effort to make it a smooth transition and present a new brand that would speak of their expertise.

The Solution

To put together the best solution, we took a step back to identify their target client and what steps we can take for future growth. We decided to completely redesign their brand to present an overall professional and trustworthy brand that spoke of the services they provided.

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